" When I told my daughter (who loves to dance and has been begging me to let her start taking dance lessons) about Anna, she was so excited to meet her first dance teacher! Anna offered a free "trial class" to see if my daughter would like it....she LOVED IT! I am so glad that we found her! My daughter will be taking lessons from her for years to come!"

-Franchesca Billorio


"All of my kids love to dance, but it was so hard to find a good teacher. When my kids were having their first lesson with Anna, I could see that they were having a blast! They loved the music and the dances she taught them! Now, I take them to class weekly, and they love it! I was happy that they enjoyed it. And that they were getting good exercise as well! I loved to watch them dance so much that I started to take classes from her too! I am so glad that I found Anna! She is so much fun and she really knows how to brighten up your day with the dance moves she teaches!"

-Kaily Marcus

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"Anna is a wonderful teacher!  She is patient, and her classes are so much fun! The way she teaches is simple. Sometimes the dances took a while to master but I like a good challenge! Anna is very good at motivating people. She has a great feel for the music and I enjoy every moment of her classes. That is why I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to dance!"

-Joseph Adams


"I had gained over twenty pounds and I knew I had to lose it somehow. I wanted to do an exercise which would be fun and good for losing weight. When I took classes from Anna, I realized just how many calories those steps could burn!! I burned off the weight but that's not all... The dancing had improved my leg and arm muscles! Thank you Anna! Your classes are both fun and a good workout! :)"

-Mark Pichello


"There was a prom coming up at our school and I didn't know how to dance!! I immediately went in search for a teacher and I found Anna. I told her about my goals: To learn the steps really well and impress my friends at the prom! After the first class, I realized just how great a teacher she was! She made the steps both fun and easy to learn. A few weeks later, I went to the prom, and everyone was so impressed at my unique dance moves! They asked me how I had learned those moves, and I told them about Anna. She is such a great teacher!"

-Rachel Aphrotio

"Anna has the talent for teaching like no one else does!! That is why I love her classes!"

-Greg Jarion


203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com



"My girlfriend has been taking classes from Anna for a while. I was never very comfortable learning how to dance, however, her constant talk about how great Anna was at teaching finally convinced me to take a class with her and my girlfriend. I was impressed! Anna made the learning process easy and fun! I used to dread dancing due to insecurities, but Anna really helped me to move past those and enjoy some quality dancing time with my girlfriend! So, all you guys out there, try dancing, it's super fun and really builds your confidence. P.S. It really impresses the ladies too! :D"

- Mike Barcell


"I love to dance! Anna has been showing me how! She teaches so well and the music is so uplifting that it inspires me to dance! There were even songs that I recognized from today's pop songs! I would have danced all day with Anna if I could! Her classes are so much fun!"

-Terry Rasiota

"I always wanted to learn how to dance. I immediately went in search for a dance teacher who would teach me how to become a great dancer, learn the steps really well, and would make it fun and easy. I had no luck, however. But then I found Anna! Anna is a sweet and compassionate teacher, she is very patient and makes dancing so much fun! When I took my first lesson with her, I realized that she was the perfect teacher for what I was looking for! She taught me the steps so well that I enjoyed every moment of her lessons! And when I found my husband and we got married, I danced the steps Anna had taught me! I would recommend her for anyone who wants to learn how to dance in a great and unique way!  Everyone was impressed with the dance moves I had learned that they even asked me. "How did you learn to dance like that?"  And I told them. "I learned from the best teacher in the world."

-Kaitlyn Quinta


"I love how well Anna can dance! She has so much experience! I think she is the best dance teacher!"

-Krista Bartola

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

" I have studied with many ballroom dance teachers, however, I didn't like their opinions on how the lady should dance with a man. It felt like the man was always right and made all the decisions, and that I didn't have any say in the matter. When I took my first class from Anna, I realized that she teaches dance like no one else! She explained that in dance, the man AND lady play a part in making the dance comfortable, easy and more enjoyable! She even taught me the man's steps and how to lead in a social setting. That way I could dance with other women, which is especially helpful since there are not to many men who dance. Anna is a very good teacher! :)"

-Jane Parker

"Anna is an awesome dance teacher!! She is not only my dancing teacher but also has become a friend! :)"

-Betty Leatta

"Oh my gosh! I love her classes!! She is so kind and patient! I love the pop music she uses!"

-Michelle Gabrellio


"I had heard of ballroom dancing, and wanted to try it out. So, I went in search of a good dance teacher. Anna's Website looked so professional! So, I decided to contact her. She is so nice! My first lesson with her was great! After a few weeks, I wanted to start competing. I talked to Anna about it, she knew quite a bit as she had competed in the past, and was certified to judge competitions! She said the best option, based on my goals, was to find a partner. So she helped me find a partner who was a good fit for me. She taught both of us the steps, put together a routine, and even gave us some information about how competitions work so we weren't in the dark! When competition time came up, both my partner and I were at ease and confident that we could win, and we did! My partner and I could not have done it  if it wasn't for Anna! :D"

-Zena Palmick

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"Anna is a great teacher! My three daughters love her! She is so patient and kind! She teaches them all sorts of dance moves that they all enjoy! When my daughters wanted to learn a special dance for the talent show at their school, Anna took care of the routine, music and costumes! I didn't have to lift a finger! All of my daughters performed on the stage for the talent show and they smiled all the way through the show! Those girls love to dance! Thank you Anna! You have brought the best smiles to my children's faces! :)"

-Maryann Votelli

"I wanted to have a dance party with my friends at my house but we all wanted to learn a unique and new way to dance. So we chatted with Anna and she taught us Ballroom Dancing! She made the dance steps so much fun to learn! We had the party a few months later at my house. It was a blast!! We dressed up and imagined the room as a huge ballroom dance floor! It was an awesome party! Thanks Anna! :D"

-Mable Froulin

We were having a school dancing competition and I wanted to participate in it. I was a pretty good dancer already but I wanted to try something new and interesting. Everyone was impressed at the amazing display of my new dance moves. So I thank Anna for the lessons! They were totally worth learning!"

-Pamela Antias

"I wanted to learn a dance called Foxtrot. Anna came highly recommended. She is really good at teaching! The Foxtrot is such a fun and smooth dance! It is a blast learning from her! :)"

-Steve Nitumer

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"Anna is a great teacher! She makes dancing so inspiring!! I want to become a dance teacher because of her! I'm learning how to make dancing more interesting and fun for my future students by learning from her! Anna is great with kids and adults of all ages!"

- Dominique Serantiu

"Anna teaches really well! The way she teaches inspires me to dance all day!"

-Martin Rasculi

"I would rate her five stars! Anna is such a great teacher!"

-Joe Cassera

"When I started Anna's Group Classes, my goal was to meet new friends. My wish has come true!! Not only did I make friends, but I also learned some great dance moves! Anna's classes are so much fun!"

-Reyna Nithen

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"I really wanted to learn how to dance to impress my girlfriend, so I took Anna's classes. She is the best teacher I have ever worked with! Thanks to Anna, I now have all the moves! :D"

-Pete Rodriges

"My daughter wanted to learn how to dance because she loves Disney's princesses. So I had her take classes from Anna.  She met new friends at Anna's classes and now they all have a blast pretending to be princess's while dancing with Anna! I just love watching them dance and I am happy that they are having a great time! :)"

-Quinta Sclafario

"Anna had my kids, along with a few others, perform a little show for us parents. It was fantastic! All the kids enjoyed doing it, and all the parents enjoyed watching! Anna has taught them some great dance moves that they will treasure for the rest of their lives!"

-Brittany Daledio

"My kids are always so energetic...when I heard about Anna, I decided to let my kids take some lessons from her. Now they aren't as hyper when we get back home and it's good exercise as well! Not only that, but they enjoy it so much!!"

-Becky Zelmarco


"Here are ten reasons why you should take lessons from Anna:

1. She is very patient with you when you are learning the steps!

2. She makes dancing so much fun!

3. The music she plays gets you in the mood to dance!

4. Her classes can help with weight loss!

5. She is a professional!         

6. She loves to teach!

7. She teaches so many great dance moves!

8. She is fun to dance with!

9. She is funny!

10. She has a lot of experience!"

-Dave Brulantonio

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"I get embarrassed every time I try to dance in front of people. Using Private Classes, she really helped me to take steps in becoming more confident in myself, and my dancing! I now take every Group Class I can, and enjoy dancing and having a good time with people!"

-Eddy Hetwere

"I feel like I learn a lot more, have more fun, and learn the best dance moves from Anna!"

-Tim Hutar

"My wife and I had loved to dance in our younger days, but we were both out of shape and in our seventies. When we heard that Anna had a special way of dancing for those with "limited mobility", we were immediately interested! The first class was wonderful! Her classes inspired us to get back in shape!"

-John Mattey

"I wanted to perform a dance routine at a party, but I wanted to learn something different and new.  Anna helped me plan a whole dance routine with very unique steps!! Everyone was so impressed! Thank you Anna!"

-Jodie Teblorn

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"If you want to learn how to dance like a pro, compete in ballroom dancing competitions, or learn easy/challenging dance moves then go to Anna! She is great! :D"

-Christiana Krethmer

"Anna is an inspiring person...The way she dances makes everyone want to learn how to dance like she does. She is the best ballroom dance teacher there is! And I am not saying that just because she is my sister and I support her...But because it is true..."

-Rebekah Gazsi

"I'm enthralled with your dance techniques. So easy to learn from you."

- Ann Marie G.


"Anna is an amazing teacher. She is very patient, easy to understand and follow. This really helped make it easy to learn new dance steps. I highly recommend her.  Overall a great learning experience.  I can't wait for our next lesson."

-Laura Marsico

203-837-7330    LearnDanceEasily@gmail.com

"The feedback from Anna's students show that she not only excels at dancing, but at teaching as well. Her classes are a lot of fun and her students learn quickly because of her clarity and focus."

-Bill P.


"Anna is a talented dancer and teacher! She has the ability to convey instruction with clarity and conciseness.  Our group class learned fast and we had a good time. It was remarkable!"

-C. Rellum


"We love Anna! Her charm and professionalism made my daughter feel comfortable and having fun week after week."                           

-Adam Barnett


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